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Message from the

International Commissioner

More than 12,000,000 Scouts from 150 different nations and territories are members of the greatest youth movement the world has ever known—The World Brotherhood of Scouts,

And did you know that, since the Movement was founded by Lord Baden-Powell in 1908. in Britain, one in every ten men in our country have been in the Scouts for some part of their lives. Staggering, isn't it?

If you add to those numbers all who have been or are still members of our sister movement, the Girl Guides, you can probably visualise the impact we could have on international relations and world friendship.

And that is what Scouting is all about—"Friendship"—spreading happiness. Starting at home with your neighbours, then reaching out to the person in the next town, the next county, then out into the world. Trying to make this world a happier place to live in.

That is what we aim to do during this Gang Show. You, the audience have already made us happy by coming to see us and supporting our efforts. We trust that our show will make you feel that much happier for having done so.

Jack Busfield