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Ralph Readers

London to Middlesbrough

Good Luck Gang and once again comes the swirl of Good Wishes from us all down here in London. Jackie Charlton seems to be doing a fine job with your Team and I know YOU and that does mean YOU—will be doing equally well with your efforts in your newest Gang Show.

The years go by (too quickly) but with each one there is a bond between us who belong to the Red Scarf Brigade throughout the world that goes from strength to strength. That is why these thoughts for you now come not merely from London but from all those shows, the big ones and the small ones who will want to join me in sending you these few words of Greetings coupled with the hope that you will yet again hit the target and chalk up another super show.

Good Luck Middlesbrough



"Mr Gang Show"


Show Chairman's


Show Chairman RON LEE

Once again it is my pleasure and privilege, as Chairman of the Middlesbrough Scouts Gang Show, to welcome everyone here today.

The show you will see tonight, and I am certain, enjoy to the full, is the end-product of many months study, thought, work and subsequently, rehearsal. Ever since we got Christmas out of the way, almost every night in every week has been spent in rehearsing together with learning the words and music which abound in the three hours this show will run.

On behalf of the sponsors of this Gang Show, namely the three Districts i.e. East, South and West Middlesbrough, I extend the heartfelt thanks to ali who take part, Production, Props, Secretarial, Administrative, Cast and all willing helpers. Altogether they number in excess of 150 and they all do it for the love of the thing. That of course is Scouting (Good luck to them all) and may I wish them the best of health to enable them to give you of their utmost.