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Spotlight on the Show

Good Evening. How nice to see you. If you are one of those "Old Faithfuls" who have supported us through thick and thin, welcome once again, and thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years. If you are new to our shows, we also bid you welcome and we are sure that, once having graced us with your presence, you will undoubtedly become one of the''Old Faithfuls''

Well, now to the Show itself. We are this year celebrating our Silver Jubilee, because it is 25 years since our first show was born. As we only appear every two years, this obviously is not our 25th Show, but we feel we cannot let this year go without some celebration. And how better to celebrate than being nostalgic. Our Producer has given us a mixture this year of old ones, new ones, borrowed ones but never blue ones. Our old friends will recall the old ones and we know they will recall the tunes with pleasure. The new ones are, as always, the product of the fertile brain of the one and only Ralph Reader.

Mention of his name brings me to the one sad note of this year. I refer to the announcement of "Mr. Gang Show's'' retirement after the London Show in the forthcoming Autumn. What a great loss he will be, because as most of you know, he invented Gang Show, and the joy and happiness brought to millions throughout the world by these shows, is akin only to the size of the Universe. He has written music, Iyrics and sketches, produced numerous shows personally, and altogether earned the respect and love of the Scout Movement as a whole. May we take this opportunity to wish him well in his retirement and many years to ''Ride on the Crest of a Wave".

Now folks make yourselves comfortable, sit back and let the show commence.

Thank you all.